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Our Story 

We are one part dedication, a hint of humor and a dash of crazy

...come rain or shine.   



Glenwood's Downtown Market is in its 17th year and is made up of incredible people, past and present, who devoted countless hours of their time to serve on the board and show up week after week, every summer to put on the best farmer's market in the Roaring Fork Valley.  It all started with a conversation between residents discussing how a farmer's market in the downtown would create a sense of community. Soon, downtown businesses and other community members came together and formed Glenwood's Downtown Market. Each member brought varied experiences and their own unique perspective... but like everything in life, change happens. Board members moved away, jobs changed, family life took precedence - but in the end, the market continues to thrive.  Cindy Svatos and Julie Larson are holding strong with the help of  dedicated volunteers.

But, in the end.....

Sadly after an unfortunate accident the City shut the market down with a knee jerk reaction, not even considering how it would affect all of the vendors, and not to mention the reaction of the downtown merchants, and the community.   We did not give in and went into negotiations with city staff.   We agreed to the new conditions of permit in full hopes that the changes would bring back their cooperation.   It did not.  It was obvious we would be unable to make the city happy at this point under their micromanagement.  We needed to give our vendors a chance to find other venues and recoup their losses  

The market has never been affiliated with the City or the Chamber and was run entirely by UNPAID volunteers. 

        We have appreciated the community’s support over the last 17 years, but the Market does not have the financial means, staff, or energy to try and keep with the City’s everchanging demands. “We are a small group of women who set out to bring people downtown to shop local and feel a sense of community. I think we accomplished that.”   We will also not be hosting the Grand Holiday in December with Santa and his reindeer.  

         The Market is NOT AFFILIATED with the new market the DDA is proposing to start in the next few weeks (The Market on 7th).  Please continue to support the vendors and businesses downtown.   We made many friends over the years and look forward to still seeing you out and about. 

        And now, the Downtown Development  Authority have taken over the reins of the Market.  We wish them well and am sure you will all support the vendors.   

Now Happily Retired Board Members


Cindy Svatos

Cindy came to Glenwood Springs in 1978 and worked as a medical transcriber for Valley View Hospital for 18 years followed by 5 years as Special Events Director for the Chamber and another 7 years with Glenwood’s City Parks where she became involved and enmeshed in beautifying downtown Glenwood. Cindy claims, "I knew it was time for a change when people only recognized me from behind, bent over a flower garden!" Cindy welcomed the opportunity to help with the market and knew her event planning skills would be useful; however, she also had grave doubts that it would ever succeed. She explains, "It's now 17 years later and I'm still trying to prove myself right."

I cannot thank you all enough for the kind words of support given to me after the decision was made to close.  This was a very difficult personal decision for me as the reason to shut down the market, by the city was directed at me.  .  

JULIE AND JEREMY_edited_edited.jpg

Julia Smith proud mom of Oliver 

Julia Larson works in finance at Valley View Hospital. She was drug into a market meeting one summer evening in 2015 and quickly became a huge part of the board, managing the finances. Her volunteerism and community involvement gave everyone hope that younger generations are still interested in civic duties. 

Julia had a major change in 2021 when she married Jeremy Smith.  Now as life  generally works, they are the proud parents of a Human Boy (as Jeremy puts it.)   A sweet little boy, Oliver Smith, who looks like his mom.  She still loves Tuesdays and we look forward to meeting the new addition to our market family   

Past Board Members


Rona Chorman

Jan Harr.jpg

Jan Harr


Sue Kuhn


Linda Drake


Nancy Sprick Page


Cindy Hines


Sue Sharpe


Sharill Hawkins


Erin Lee

In Memoriam of

Rona Chorman

Rona Chorman was literally kidnapped one evening and taken to a board meeting, duck-taped to a chair and “allowed” to participate as a member of the board. She is characterized by her quick wit, industrious nature, and calm outlook on life. Rona was a resident of the downtown area for over 20 years and had a real heart for the downtown market. They say she should have been an architect, having remodeled her 1882 Victorian home and hand-built four cabins in Colorado. She had traveled extensively in the Jungles of Costa Rica and Alaska with her brother. Sadly, Rona lost a courageous battle with ovarian cancer but will always be in the hearts of the board. The back wall and gardens were built in her honor and she will forever be a pillar of the market.


Our Volunteers

Stuart Kirk 

Over the course of years, members were responsible for setting up market which involved putting up tents, hauling tables, chairs, signage and road blocks. Then 4 hours later tearing it all down and putting it away. It took a toll on everyone. 

Feed My Sheep sent over some great workers.  Now Stuart quite often does it all himself.   We absolutely could not do this market without him.   


Vid Weatherwax

Keyboardist Vid Weatherwax, has been a fixture of the local music scene for many years and is responsible for booking the amazing music lineup for the market. The variety and caliber are top notch. 


Volunteers  of the Market

Throuout the years, friends have pitched in, volunteered, taken on roles and helped make Glenwood's Downtown Market a success! They have included Pat Trauger, Pat Hansen, Kathie Weaver and some of our past board members.

Now we have Kyle, Gerald, Deb and Susie.  We of course always welcome new volunteers 

Our Partners

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